Guess what? We have exactly 200 days to go and still no one has a clue! We thought it was time for an update so we can keep you all on track!

We finally were able to get Tony’s ring size right, we think? But seriously, I am pretty sure that the jewelers that we got it from were tired of seeing our faces. When we first decided on a band for Tony, we placed an order after getting sized and when we went to pick it up, we realized it was too thick. So we found and ordered a thinner one, except it turns out it was the wrong size. So again, we ordered a new one. This one’s fit was a little bit too big! Oops! They do say third times a charm, and luckily that’s exactly what happened. Obviously we still can’t wear our rings, so Tony’s band is now tucked away safely besides Brenna’s wedding set until October! Hopefully his still fits when the big day arrives!

Brenna finally found her dress at a local shop here in Buffalo called Dalia’s Bridal. She looked around the internet incessantly, but nothing caught her eye. She made an appointment at David’s Bridal previously, but did not particularly enjoy the appointment as there were too many people around, and the experience felt rushed and unfulfilling. One drawback of keeping our elopement a secret from all of our friends and family, while still not wanting Tony to see what Brenna will look like in the dress she chooses until the big day, is that she have to rely on the sales associate’s word and iPhone pictures instead of having her family and closest friends with her to help her find “the dress.” This is the story:

I walked into the Dalia’s with an open mind. I have been searching the internet for ideas on what type of dress I wanted and was becoming quite discouraged as there really wasn’t too many styles I liked. I always feel like wedding dresses are designed for those who are 5’10 and 110lbs, and let’s be real, I am far from that standing at all of 5’2 and a little more than 110 😉

I was greeted by the owner of the shop, Dalia herself, and I felt an automatic sense of comfort. I was the only appointment, so I did not feel rushed. I told Dalia our story and all about our elopement plan and she was all for it. I would be lying if I said it was not tough shopping for my wedding dress alone as normally I would have wanted my mom, my stepmom, Tony’s mom, and his sisters at my side to help me pick out the one, but Dalia made the whole experience brilliant. She helped me out of my comfort zone and had me try on some remarkable dresses I would not have otherwise tried. We toyed with lace, tulle, ball gowns, and a-lines until we found a dress that the both of us just screamed “yes!”. There is still a part of me that is saddened that I cannot share this beautiful dress with my friends and family, but I take comfort in knowing that in 200 days I get to share it with the world! I cannot say thank you enough to Dalia for making my experience a wonderful one!




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