Hi everyone, Brenna here! Thought it was time for a quick update as we officially have 155 days to go! I am really excited that no one has even the slightest clue about what is going on! As far as our families know, I am hosting a surprise birthday party for Tony on Saturday, October 13th in Cleveland, as we are both on vacation that week. My parents, who live in both Syracuse and Buffalo, are coming, which is really exciting for me as my family in Syracuse has not had a chance to meet Tony’s family yet. I have already messaged all the Fox family members to tell them about the ‘birthday party’ so I could get everyone to mark off the date on their calendars! We’ve got a table reserved for 22 at the Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland, Ohio at 6:30pm. We’ve been toying with some ideas on how the official announcement is going to happen that evening, but we’ve still got a fair amount of time on how to make it memorable! I hope you’re all surprised!



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