Just got home from Cleveland! We told everyone that we were going back to finally check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and just to get away from real life for a night. This of course was all true, but we did not include the fact that we went to check out the restaurant that we are going to reveal our surprise elopement to our families at! We decided on the Market Garden Brewery because it is exactly our kind of atmosphere; it is low-key, with good food, and a great beer list! We already made the reservations, and Brenna is starting to tell our family members that she is planning a surprise birthday dinner for Tony as his birthday is also in October. Sneaky!

Brenna has an appointment tomorrow at David’s Bridal to start looking around, and will hopefully at least get more of an idea after an online disaster. Brenna describes the dress she had delivered as “a grandma dress” and “can’t wait to return this thing!” Cross your fingers!


Tony and Brenna

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