2018! Time is flying by! We’re officially 245 days away from “I do!” We figured it was time to give you all a little update and let you know what is going on in our world!

We’ve officially bought our wedding bands, one more thing we get to cross off our list. They are hiding in the safe with Brenna’s engagement ring until we can finally wear them in October. Brenna started looking at dresses, but hasn’t been too impressed with what she’s seen so far as she wants to find something unique, and something that will showcase her style. She has however bought rose gold converse that she insists on wearing regardless of what dress she ends up buying. If you know Brenna, you won’t be too surprised by that. Tony has made an appointment for the spring at a local shop called BUREAU where he is hoping they can make the 3 piece style suit he is envisioning.


Just a little something to hang Brenna’s dress once she finds the one!


Tony and Brenna

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