After discussing at length with Brenna about the potential catastrophe of leaving the fate of my wedding day attire in the hands of the internet Gods, we decided to go to a local tailor here in Buffalo and purchase a new suit in case my online order does not play out the way I have envisioned. I have been burned by online shopping three times in the last year alone and since we are exactly one month away to the day of our ceremony I must admit, like many people who purchase clothes online, I started to have some doubts about the European based suit store through which I ordered my suit.

I would hate for it to arrive by mail in the coming weeks and for it to not look or fit anywhere near what I had envisioned. Of course by then it would be too late to get something else and I would have to figure out what to wear in the final hour. So while I didn’t love the idea of purchasing what I would call a modern day wedding suit, Brenna and I felt it was best to make sure that I have something that we know will look nice in the event of an internet tragedy.

With all that being said, Brenna and I found a modern, but remarkably unique suit I am very excited about. So much so that even if the English tweed suit I ordered online matches what I envisioned perfectly, I will be torn over which one to wear. While the suit we purchased today is just a two-piece in a completely different color and is absolutely not in the traditional English tweed style, it is very unique and features a pattern that should look awesome with the fall foliage. Making it even better, the tailor was also able to find a matching waistcoat so that it actually looks like it is meant to be a three piece suit.

Since I don’t know what I’ll do if both suits look and wear as I envisioned, I will do what any smart man would do, defer to my soon to be wife! In all sincerity, it really won’t matter the day of the ceremony. I am excited beyond words to marry the woman who came into my life so unexpectedly over two and a half years ago. I know that no matter what I wear during our day, she is going to look so stunning that she will steal the eyes of everyone when they look at the pictures from our ceremony. I love you Brenna 😉 …30 days!

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