Today, Brenna helped me pick out and order the suit that I plan to wear for our ceremony in October. Yes, I said pick out and order like you would do for online shopping…because that’s exactly what I did! Hahahahaha bear with me…

Unlike Brenna who had no idea where to begin when looking for her wedding dress, I’ve pretty much known since we made our elaborate plan to elope last Fall that I was going stray from the traditional 3 piece suits you see at pretty much every modern wedding and try and get a custom 3 piece suit in an English style made specifically for our big day.

I’ve been wanting an English tweed suit in a herringbone pattern for several years, but finding an event during the cooler fall season special enough to warrant paying to have the suit like the one I was envisioning made never really came to fruition. However, if having one made to wear on our wedding day wasn’t special enough, what event would be? It was going to be easy. I knew exactly what I wanted and had almost an entire year to find it. But little did I know, trying to find a tailor to make an English tweed suit in western New York was next to impossible unless I wanted to spend over $2k.

After going to numerous local realtors and tailor shops in the western New York area, next to none actually made English style three piece tweed suits, and the few that did, charged an arm and a leg to actually make it. As much as I wanted to avoid it because of past experiences buying clothes, I thought I would try to find a place online that was reputable and reasonably priced. I spent hours on the internet trying to find a local retailer or custom tailor shop that could make what I was envisioning, but couldn’t find any place that seemed feasible or reliable. I was pretty much ready to give up.

That is until I was at work one day and Brenna, who could be in the running for the best online shopper of all time, sent me a text that directed me to an online tailor outlet located in England that specialized in making custom three piece suits at a very reasonable price. The online shop had many positive reviews and included pictures from real customers so it appeared legitimate. I just needed to decide on a style, cut, and pattern, input my measurements and BOOM! It would be delivered to my doorstep from Europe in 4-6 weeks.

The online shop had the exact style I wanted in several different patterns and cuts and after committing to the cut and pattern I had envisioned for most of the past year, I ordered the suit I am hoping will at least be able to stand up to how beautiful Brenna will look on the day of our ceremony. Crossing my fingers and hoping that it looks great and fits correctly!



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