There can be a lot of pressure around getting married. The financial demands, the emotional stress, and the where and when can make planning what should be the happiest day of your life extremely stressful. This is especially true when trying to plan for family and friends that would need to travel from several different states, and in Canadian Brenna’s family’s case, countries.

After sitting down together and weighing out the pros and cons, we have agreed to opt-out of having a traditional wedding and will instead be making an alternative plan to elope next year and make our wedding day truly about us!

While we have yet to select a specific date in 2018, we have decided that we would like to get married in our favorite month…October! With the crisp Fall weather and the pretty colors of the changing foliage, we want to run-away somewhere that will fully embody our favorite season of the year.

We have also decided to keep our plan to elope a secret between us until after we have officially tied the knot. However, because we know how important it is for both of us to make sure our families still feel included, we are going to document our adventures leading up to the big day!
We cannot wait to share this blog and our story with all of our friends and family when the time comes!


Tony and Brenna

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