Here we are mid-summer and enjoying the nice weather. We’re down to just 85 more days until our ceremony! We’ve officially secured a venue to host a dinner for our friends the weekend after we announce our surprise elopement to our families. We decided on having our party at SideBar on Hertel Ave. This is the first place we officially hung out during an impromptu get together with a group of our work friends almost two and half years ago.

We toyed with what type of cuisine we should provide our friends at the party and ultimately decided that since we are a couple of BBQ junkies, there was no way we could pass on sharing our love of smoked meats with our closest peeps! After testing numerous local BBQ restaurants in the Buffalo area, we decided to go with catering from Fat Bob’s (or as Tony calls it “Morbidly Obese Roberts”) located right on Virginia Place in the Allentown District of Buffalo. Brenna is going to use the same ‘Surprise Birthday Party for Tony’ trick she used on our families for our friends too. We’re really looking forward to celebrating with everyone!

On the wedding dress front, Brenna has her first fitting next week on the 24th!!! Hard to believe we’re already this close! She was told to bring her shoes, which as previously mentioned in an earlier post will be rose gold converse. She can’t wait to show them off!


Tony and Brenna


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